About Doc Brady



This is Doc Brady’s personal web site,  this site was posted for two reasons.

One:  Doc Brady has been asked for many years why he did not have any personal information about himself listed on the internet. Well here it is:  Doc Brady does not brag or boost about himself.  Doc Brady has always let others do the talking about him. He is a very shy individual by his very nature. While others may see and admire his 50 years of achievements, Doc Brady has not.

Two:  Recently his once impeccable reputation has come under fire by some with questionable motives, slandering Doc Brady’s good name and recently his wife’s as well, in as many places and postings as possible. Here we shall attempt to clear the air with facts, not gossip, slander or half truths.

Doc Brady’s wife told him that people have a hard time believing all of the achievements that he has accomplished in his 50 years plus of his working life. While Doc now agrees with that, he believes posting his information and resume on an on life format will go along way to clearing the air and his once impeccable reputation. You will note that he does not hide or refuse to address any allegation against him. What’s more he puts links to actual copies of legal documents so the reader can judge for themselves where the truth lies.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Doc directly, his contact information is listed on the Links/contact page on this web site and he welcomes your input.

Thank you!