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I have enjoyed an excellent reputation until just the last few years during my retirement. Now I have had my ID stolen and along with that I have received thousands of magazines subscriptions all charged to me, lost my credit which was as good as you can get, had it go to 400 something which is horrible, you are better off with no credit.
I have received death threats through the US mail which the Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Government are working on.

Ok so here is the correct information for those who care enough to get the right, accurate information:

I have been accused of offering “Fake Degrees.” First, I have been retired now for several years and collecting social security since May of 2012 so I am not offering anything, but going back to when I was with NBPES we did NOT offer degrees of any kind, Never did, never will, so much for that bit of slander. The only thing NBPES offers is certificate courses for those who want continuing education, NO DEGREES of any kind. They do offer to help people who want to further their studies to be able to go on and do so. So to be perfectly clear no degrees ever offered, do not, did not offer any degrees of any kind in any subject, period.

This person who is on the internet talking about “Fake” degrees is on a web site to post complaints. As you can see for yourself this complaint/posting is dated February 7, 2014 when he says he just bought from me, Well I had already been retired for a several years when this person “Paul Graff” who does not exist, (please check for yourself to see what I am saying is true, as there is no such person anywhere in Leesburg as he stated or in Central Florida for that matter). He says he bought directly from me, which cannot be true as I had left a long time before. Second lie, as I did not wait on customers, one of the staff did. Third lie is we do not offer a PhD degree or any other degree but you see when you make this stuff up you are not aware of a lot of facts. We do not have a PhD on CD or a Psychology course on CD so this is the fourth lie. I would like to mention that the Psychology certification course that NBPES does offer comes with NO disks but is a 600 + page course written by the President and several of his professors of the Institute of Professional Psychology a very prestigious institute. It is every bit as hard as any degree, but its not a degree. Fifth lie is that we were a diploma mill, but we do not offer diplomas so that’s obviously a lie.
I read recently that they have now run out of slander about me so they have gone to attacking my wife on line to try and hurt me, yes that’s right, how low can anyone go? The Mafia does not even do that. What has she got to do with any of this?

I also see where someone has said that two of my landlord’s have filed law suits against me. Ok now here is the truth. Yes years ago I had two law suits filed against the business that I had at the time which was Personal Care Medical Practices, PLLC not against AAHEA or NBPES as the slanderer had said, (see the blue link below). I talk about this below but in a nut shell I had two medical offices that I owned and operated providing free medical care for people who could not afford to pay (so much for having a fake doctorate degree). I was seriously injured in an accident and was forced to close. Both of the landlords filled a suite just to be able to write off the balance of the lease on their taxes, this is a standard business practice for the IRS only. I was never served, never went to court never had ANY finding of any wrongdoing against me, EVER. The fact is both suits were dropped with NO finding of wrong doing on my part or the part of Personal Care Medical Practices whatsoever. Do you see a pattern here with the lies? The person who looked this up in the public record saw that the cases where dismissed but that’s not what they said on line in an attempt to hurt me.*

There is one that goes on to say that I did not go on to the Dr. Phil show and do not know him. I am not sure what he uses to back this up? (see the link below) We are almost a year after this phony complaint was filed against me and no one has sued me as he has stated, not now, not ever, not one lawsuit has ever been served against me or AAHEA or NBPES in the 21 years its operated with over 20,000 satisfied students to date, strange isn’t it as he clearly stated that he was looking for a lawyer to sue me, well? You will notice that I challenged anyone to back up this hoax and yet nothing has happened to date, why because its all fraud no such thing ever happened at all. Click here to see proof that I did in fact appear on Dr. Phil show and was well paid for my 3 days of work that I did for him and CBS Studios.

Now one of the listing’s/postings says “Ocala” is where I live or have lived. I have never lived in Ocala and never will live in Ocala, this person is not me. It may be part of the stolen ID, I am not sure about that.

I am in Leesburg and yes my full name which I do not go by is Dennis A. Brady. These people online have taken this and tried to convince the readers that I am some how hiding who I am and that I am using a bunch of different variations of my name so let me clear the air on this point. My middle name is not “Allan” as the slanders say so they do not even know the correct middle name or should I say its spelling, so the question is how well do they really know me? Enough to make these accusations? I will let you decide this one. *The reason I use Doc is that I had two medical practices or doctors offices that I opened and operated from 2011 to 2013 to take care of people who could not afford to pay. The patients called me “Doc” and it stuck and so this big mystery is solved. I should mention that I had to kick in $10,000 a month to afford to stay open, that’s right no payroll, my wife and I made nothing for two years but it cost us 10K a month instead out of my retirement savings. I will say here in my own defense I don’t know how many people out there would spend $250K to start up two medical practices and 10K a month for two years which comes to 240K more to stay open? So a total of almost half a million dollars was spent to help people in need who could not get good medical care. I got hurt in an elevator accident and closed the doors 6 months later and I took early retirement. Click here to see a copy of The State of Florida license to operate a medical clinic, listed in my name.

There is an other person on the internet or maybe its the same idiot? But this one says my name is “Lynch?” And goes on about a car with no title? I can’t respond to this as its garbage and anyone reading it will see that and that its got nothing to do with me. I don’t know anyone by the name of Lynch?
Now is it hard for people to believe all the things that I have done in 65 years? I never gave it a thought but my wife recently said to me most people reading or hearing your background would think its made up. Ok, I get that and that is one of the reasons I have decided to do this site to clear the air and to set the facts straight.

All this garbage on the internet that is nothing but slander would have cost me dearly $$$$ and it was intended to do just that. Unfortunately, for the people who have done this to me I have retired and so it cannot affect me financially at all. But it has had an impact on my reputation and that is a shame as it has impacted my ability several times now to volunteer my services to the needy. (Click here to see my 2010 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for volunteering) So what has happened is it’s hurt the wrong people, people who need help the most, instead of hurting me, and that is a real shame!

I work or should I say volunteer for the state court system in Florida and as such my background is searched and researched and all of my background back until I was a child is checked each year including references both by FDLE and the State Court System. I have NO record of any kind. I have No lawsuits against me pending or otherwise and if I did or had I could not work in the case sensitive job that I hold as an officer of the court. This alone should clear up any misconception or unbelievers.

I do not work for NBPES or AAHEA or teach at the Medical College any longer and in fact its been years but you see these little facts get in the way of the slander being told and these facts do not stop the lies on the internet from spreading like wildfire. Yes, I personally saved AAHEA from bankruptcy with my own personal funds it had already closed and was abandoned when I took it over and got it going once again. The only reason I could do this was that the previous administration, was just too stupid to file a dissolution with the state, you see they could just care less as they had milked it dry and just walked away. Why would I get involved? I was a long standing member of this old prestigious organization that set the standards in higher education in this country since 1870. I just could not sit back and allow it to go under as the money it made was not important to me. I also worked it and funded it for 5 years without any pay before turning it over to others to keep it going.

I will state here and now that after thinking about it I am proud of my accomplishments in life, I love my volunteering work that I have done since I first started in 1970 driving an ambulance and attending the sick and hurt for the Town of Merrimack, NH. I have helped countless people in life both in their personal life as a counselor and as a business coach and I hope to continue helping people who need help with my volunteering work as long as I am able to continue do so.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I have not made mistakes in business as I sure have and I will tell you here and now what they were:

I was pig headed, head strong, insisted on doing what was right always regardless of cost. I could have and should have let a lot go and let a lot slide but I was and I still am a person who will not be wronged or cheated or lied to. In hind site I should have given in even though I was right. For instance, when students wanted to use our money to pay for courses on time. We never charged any fees for that and we only wanted to be paid each and every 30 days . We have several students who tried to cheat us and we went after them and they got mad that we would not just give them a free education and complained on line, of course they did not say that, they said all kinds of lies to make them look good and us look bad.

I did not pass a student from Malaysia that I talked about earlier and he has done a lot of damage to our reputation all with lies like ” they are in a little house on the hill” it so happens it was a 24 Acre property with 5 buildings and 15,000 sq ft. but it does not matter that he is 6,000 miles away and never saw our place because people believe what is written no matter where it comes from. I listed the BBC in Leesburg that we have been members of for 19 years so I said, “call them and ask about us” and I listed their phone number. So what did they do, they made up lies about a non-profit organization that has done free public work for 28 years and has helped thousands of people that dishonest businesses have wronged over the years. I know as I sit on the board as a non-paid director and have for 15 years. Unbelievable!

Let me take a moment to address what people will believe. Most people know of Wikipedia and Snoops both widely used and people certainly think they are both legitimate sources of accurate information however the truth is quite different. Wikipedia is a bunch of kids who post all their personal beliefs and its far from the facts. That’s right one man started this site and he is now gone underground due to all the lawsuits against him and Wikipedia. He accused a man of being involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and that information stayed there for years until the man finally through a court order got it removed as totally false information. Now this owner cannot be found, served or made to remove any of his personal rants and the postings of the college kids who run it regardless of what the site says. Snoops is a man and his wife who run this from their kitchen table and is also far from facts. Its only their politically slanted personal opinions and that’s all. Don’t believe me check and you will see for yourself. NO legitimate college will allow any information taken from Wikipedia and submitted or used by any student and that’s due to its not factual at all. I know, I taught medical college and they would not allow us to accept any information taken from Wikipedia by a student.

I have filed complaints against people who have wronged me or us over the years on and others you can see them online. So how has this hurt me/us? Well they don’t sit back, they write rebuttals to my complaints saying I am a “Fake doctor”, (click here to see a copy of my doctorate degree in education evaluation) or that we had offered “Fake degrees.” One even said I, “Lynch” was trying to sell him a car without a title, what ever sense that makes? Are there people stupid enough to believe this stuff, absolutely there is and the worst part is they never say anything to you so you don’t know what happened, they just go away and you never see or hear from them again.
Online people have said we didn’t have any business license but what the public does not know is Florida did away with County business licenses years ago and we were always exempt as non profit anyway. Click here to see our last county tax exempt license to operate. If anyone wants to call Lake County offices and ask them they will see that NBPES is current up to date on all requirements. But what does the truth matter when a lie is so much simpler and more believable.

I should have let people cheat us and just given the 4 or 5 thousand dollars to them. This and not certifying people who did not deserve it would have saved my personal reputation and the outstanding reputation of a 21 year old organization that has done outstanding work of helping tens of thousands of people over the years to better themselves. Yes I could have and perhaps should have done it differently but I have always slept well at night knowing I have always done what was right and honest by everyone I encountered but I have and will continue to suffer the consequences of my actions. What hurts me is that I hurt a great company that has done such good works for so many people who needed it.
I was asked recently what I thought of all of the lies on line against me and I will tell you what I was told by Law Enforcement who are actively investigating these illegal posts as they believe they maybe related to the same people as the death threats. They believe they are Cyber Bullies or even Cyber Terrorists. I guess when you go out of your way to ruin a man’s lifelong reputation with nothing but lies with the sole intent to hurt a person who is a senior citizen and his wife who is not involved, that falls under Cyber Terrorism. You will notice that not one of them has ever correctly identified themselves, no correct name, no address or contact information. They hide behind their computers like the cockroaches they are as they believe they can get away with saying anything they want with absolutely zero proof offered. I challenge ANYONE of them to step into the light, let it be known who you are and show any proof of any kind that I have ever done anything that I am accused of. Of course we all know that will never happen because it’s all slander and they would be sued for slander and defamation and they know it.
In conclusion: I have been in business since 1961 when I started a printing and a poultry company called Longnecker farms, that is 50 plus years in business and during this 50 years I have never had a license suspended, revoked or refused to have one issued. I have never been sanctioned, brought up on any charges, lost any lawsuit, had any unanswered complaints or ever been fined, or had ANY violations of ANY kind. What I have had is many awards for the outstanding work that I have done over the many years, the achievements, and good customer service, including a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for the recognition of a lifetime of good works.

it is really ironic that I have dedicated my entire life to two things: ONE, Volunteering (1970-2015) to help those who need it and can’t afford it and TWO, fighting crime both as a justice/magistrate for 10 years in NH 1975-1985 then in Law Enforcement starting in 1970 as a sworn special police office in Nashua, NH and later as Chief of Detectives with NH Detective Agency and after as the Crime Prevention Officer for a thousand man Sheriff’s Department in Florida, as a Law Enforcement Psychological Profiler and a Certified Forensic Investigator both of which were trained and certified by a Law Enforcement Academy. Now I work with the state court system in Florida as an officer of the court trained and certified by the Supreme Court, that these people online would choose to say I was a “scam artist,” “con-man,” a “crook” and so forth, go figure. I will let YOU decide based on the facts presented here, and not the anonymous rants of internet bullies.
Thank you for visiting my site and taking your time to learn the truth.
Doc Brady
State Department official presenting me with Award
Presidential Certificate 2010
Presidential Pin
Appointment as a Kentucky Admiral 2010
Click here to see my Crime Prevention Certification, award by the State of Florida Attorney Generals Office
Giving a speech as Crime Prevention Officer at the Sheriff’s Department to VCSD official’s 1994
Receiving appointment as US director/president of IPP, Institute of Professional Psychologists 2006
Picture of me as an auxiliary officer and crime prevention officer and my Sheriff’s Department vehicle 1994.