On this page and page 2 we will take on directly each and every slanderous comment or link posted to try and make me look bad. It should be noted that most of these postings are done in such a way so that no one can post any rebuttal to what is said or posted and also no one ever identifies themselves except one named person supposedly from Leesburg, FL who does not exist in reality, more about him later.

So most of these postings are set up with no way to respond to them to tell my side or for people who know that they are lies to have their say. It should be noted that this was not thrown together but took much work over a very long period of time by at least one person.

Approximately 10 years ago my competition posted web sites slandering me which took the FBI and Interpol a year or so to take down. They were blind sites with no contact information. It took a lot of work by law enforcement to trace these out of country sites but when they did eventually find the perpetrators who violated several federal laws, it was found to be directly related to our competition at the time. Now I am NOT saying or implying that this latest round of BS is by the same people as I have no information to that effect.

Let me start by saying this all started by a former student of mine in Malaysia who I refused to certify due to his obvious mental issues. This is a case of doing the right thing regardless of what the cost is. I have always had very strong principles and will stop at nothing to do what is right. Having said this it has cost me dearly over the years to have strong principles and to always do the right thing. It helped a great deal when I was a NH justice but in business I have found its better to give in even when the customer is wrong, a hard lesson for me to have learned. Now retired its come back to bite me in the butt.

This Malaysian man was thrown out of his local school and we took him on to teach him knowing he was rejected by his local school. We thought we could help him but it soon became obvious he had severe mental problems. When we told him we could not in good conscious certify him in mental health he filed a total of 12 complaints including three with the State of Florida against us. It took more than one year for all of the complaints to come in and we answered and won each and every one, including the State of Florida ones where they even said we “did the right thing.”


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